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160 September 11 2001 Video

September 11 2001 Video.

Caricato da in data 29/dic/2006
September 11 2001 tribute and a watch of what happend that horrible morning near World Trade Center buildings.

Victims and relatives must have Peace and Justice. Never Forget.
  • mi piace, 5876 non mi piace

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  • hi i am a christian iraqi and i belive that this is not exceptible they should not be doing this to people it has gone too far somebody needs to take over iraq when they destroyed the church my uncle was in it and ever scinse ive been sad so all i gotta say is FUCK TOURISTS!!!
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  • An Absolutely MORONIC Post!... God Bless the Internet - The refuge of nearly EVERY conspiracy theorist and home to all those that wish to expound their twisted and moronic opinions about whatever their twisted mind has them focused on at that time. While they hope to achieve their 5 seconds of fame.
  • What’s the last thing that went through the minds of the 9/11 jumpers?
    Their ankles.
  • Let this be a reminder how much prayer is needed in our world today. I'm a college sophomore, and I'm crying. It astounds me how much hurt, blood, tears, wreckage, and damage can come from a few people. This nation needs Jesus. I'm not super Christian or trying to convert you. But it hurts me personally to watch videos like this and know there's nothing I could've done about it. Just pray. Nobody should have to experience this. Especially at the age I was at 11 years ago.
  • God Bless America, FUCK Terrorists, FUCK Islamics, FUCK Communism!!!!!
  • Thanks for sharing, time to go back to your normal ADD activities...
    Seek Help!
  • you as well.
  • shut your face asshole.
  • I am so very sorry for you loss :(May he rest in peace forever)
  • boom she goes the dynamite

World Trade Center 09/11/2001

Caricato da in data 18/dic/2006
This is my video for twin towers 09/11/2001

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  • i feel so bad for the people that died in the twin towers
  • We argue because there's a split in the people, there's the group that wants the truth and sees this whole event as a lie (in terms that "muslims didn't do it") and there's the group of bible-thumping sheep that listen to everything they're told to xenophobic results. If we don't talk and argue we might as well be as bad as other countries that trusted a racist scapegoating government.
    But rest assured we can all agree, that the victims didn't deserve this, at all.
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  • interesting... yugoslavs felt the same pain when they was bombed by americans?
  • i came here for a cool music video
  • Your such a dumbass, you don't laugh at stuff like this. I'd like to see you laughing if your mom, family, or friend was in the world trade center. I hope you burn in hell because you obviously have no soul.
  • You are a heartless asshole.
  • What a sin , Of what Happened to them little kids and parents in there.. Just because of this guy named Bin Laden , Why would you make that plane do that ? That is just Werid ..
  • jew towers.. good ridance
  • fuck u well see whos lauging when u in hell
  • hahahaha they all died hahahahaha
  • When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers. That is Not Terrorism.
    When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us. "Terrorism?" It seems like the word "Terrorism" is only reserved for Muslims. Spread this message and let the world know who the terrorist are
  • When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil. That is Not Terrorism! When India kills 5 lakh people in Kashmir. Raped their women.That is Not Terrorism When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia.That is Not Terrorism When Russians kill 200,000 Chechens in bombings That is Not Terrorism. When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land. That is Not Terrorism!. When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/Pakistan. That is Not Terrorism !



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